• Showers/bathtubs rinsed and wiped
  • Toilets cleaned
  • Countertops wiped
  • Sinks, faucets, and fixtures wiped
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Floors mopped and vacuumed
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Towels neatly hung and/or folded
  • Reachable vents dusted
  • Trash emptied


  • Sinks, faucets, and fixtures wiped
  • Dishes washed
  • Microwave exterior and interior cleaned
  • Countertops and backsplash wiped
  • Cabinet exteriors wiped
  • Floors mopped and vacuumed
  • Furniture and visible surfaces wiped and dusted
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Reachable vents dusted
  • Trash emptied


  • Beds made
  • Clothes folded
  • Floors mopped and vacuumed
  • Furniture and visible surfaces wiped and dusted
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Reachable vents dusted
  • Trash emptied


  • Furniture and visible surfaces wiped and dusted
  • Floors mopped and vacuumed
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Reachable vents dusted
  • Trash emptied
  • Oven (inside)
  • Refrigerator (inside)
  • Interior Windows + tracks
  • Patio sweep & cobwebs
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Move-in cleaning was done so well!
Responsive, and responsible! Proactive and professional!
I called them from across the country, hoping for next-day cleaning. Our previous tenants had been well-meaning but a bunch of party guys.
BA House Cleaning deployed a team of very smart, fast-working cleaners who dealt with tripped circuit breakers, washing and putting out our bed and bath linens, general mess, and much more. They kept in close touch with us and did a great job, even providing “after” pictures.
I asked for high-touch, highly flexible expertise, said that I’d be willing to pay for more to get more. They did that, and they did not take advantage of me either – an item on their estimate that could not be completed was deducted from the final invoice, without my needing to request this.
Frankly, I’m delighted and very grateful that I found this business with great reviews on Yelp – so here’s my paying it forward. :-)David P

“I was looking for a regular cleaning service after our move to our new place – once a month cleaning service. I went with BA house cleaning on a whim, because the day I booked I was sick and didn’t feel like talking on the phone, and they were one of the few companies that I could book online with.
The process to book online or by email is always smooth and courteous.  I have had 4-5 cleanings now and the girls are always within the time frame, polite, work quickly and do a good job.  I like seeing the same girls on a regular basis, as I feel better leaving them unattended for a few hours.
I’m really pleased with this service and confident that I will be using them for a long time!
A+++ ”



Jamie E

I was recommended to give BA House Cleaning a call. My friend highly recommended their cleaning services. I have to say I was very impressed with their services. They were very prompt to return my call after I visited their website which was within just a few hours. They gave me a quote and started the work the next day. Their cleaning services are very professional. They were very thorough and went above and beyond my expectations. They cleaned in areas I didn’t even know needed cleaning until it was pointed out. The bathrooms were like new when done. I highly recommend you give them a call if you are in the need for some good house cleaning. Thanks!




Anny J

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find a problem with the service?

Every cleaning has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always ask that you meet with us at the end to ensure that you are satisfied. However, if that isn’t possible, please let us know by 11 am the next day.  We will try to find the next available time to send one of the crew members to fix an error or a miss.

How do I pay?

You may pay with check or cash, leaving payment on your counter top in a sealed envelope provided by us, credit card or Paypa

Do I need to be home?

Not at all. In fact, many clients prefer to give us a key so we can clean when they are away. All keys in our possession are given a code designation and are secured when not in use. If you wish to hide a key on your premises, please call the office with the location so we can notify the team prior to their arrival.

How will you get into my home?

You can give us a key, give us a code to the garage door if you have a keypad outside, hide a key (our least favorite option for security reasons) or, make sure that someone is home when we arrive. Each key is number coded (no reference to customer or company). Keys are maintained in a lock box except for the day of cleaning. Returned keys will require signature and identification at time of release.

When will you be cleaning my home?

You will have a scheduled date with an a.m. (before lunch) or p.m. (after lunch) time slot. Our normal cleaning hours are 9:00AM to 6:00PM. We will make every effort to schedule your cleaning to meet your needs.

Do you charge a lock out fee?

If it is necessary for you to change, cancel or skip your regular cleaning day, we appreciate at least 2 business days notice. If you do not notify our office and upon arrival we cannot enter your home, we will charge you a full price lock out fee to cover our expenses. Our teams daily pay is based on homes scheduled. When you skip on short notice or lock out the team, we do not have time to fill in your spot and our teams pat is affected. It also can cause scheduling problems with our other clients. Should you at any time require a change or modification of the cleaning detail or instructions, or wish to change the cleaning schedule of frequency, a call to our office is the surest way of accomplishing this. The cleaning team is instructed to follow the instructions as they appear on their personalized work order and that is a reflection of the information agreed to on the reverse side of this page. Specific instructions or request given to the team cannot be guaranteed from week to week. If we show up and aren’t able to get access to your home or if appointment isn’t cancelled at least two days in advance, there is a $50 lock out fee.

Who provides the supplies and equipment?

We will provide all of the cleaning supplies and “tools of our trade”. We properly disinfect your supplies and keep them separated. Of course, if you would prefer to provide the cleaning supplies, let us know, we are happy to oblige.

What about special requests?

No problem! Check out our list of additional services offered, if you need something that is not listed just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please let our office know at the time of your estimate or 24-48 hours prior to your cleaning (510) 342-6105 or

How do I get regular service started?

Simply give us a call at (510) 931-5276, or email us at or complete our on-line service estimate.

Will the price always be the same?

For routine cleaning clients, once set, the fee will be the same each time we clean. If you elect to add services or to have a rotating service, your price will also change accordingly. We will review our pricing schedule once a year and you will be notified of any changes in advance.

Can I trust the maids?

Absolutely. You can trust BA House Cleaning.

Our employees have all been background checked, and are covered by an honesty bond. No matter who you hire to clean your home, always insist on a criminal background check.

We’ve turned down 100′s of applications from house cleaners that have current house cleaning experience and a theft or other serious conviction.

BA House Cleaning sends pre-screened, trusted, and dependable employees to your door. If we would not trust someone in to clean our own home or office, we’re not going to send them to clean yours.

Are you licensed and does it matter?

BA House Cleaning IS licensed and It DOES Matter.

The house cleaning industry has many unlicensed, uninsured, un-bonded individuals offering services. There are laws, rules, and protection afforded consumers when using a licensed company in the state of California.

Only licensed companies may carry industrial, liability, Labor and Industries, and bonding insurance protection (though a business license doesn’t guarantee that the company carries all these protections)

Hiring an unlicensed individual makes the ‘client’ technically and legally an employer, with all the tax, legal, and liability issues that come with it.

Do I have to sign a contract for service?

No. However, we do have a service agreement. There is no term to the agreement between the client or BA House Cleaning. You may cancel your cleaning service at any time. BA House Cleaning also reserves the right to cancel the service provided at any time.

Contract does apply to clients who signed up with a FREE Deep Cleaning special.

What type of service should I choose?

This can depend on your family and lifestyle, there may be times in your life when your needs will change and so should your cleaning service. But most popular is our bi-weekly service.

Need more information?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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